You Haven’t Seen Coach Bags Quite Like These

Coach has always been centered around tradition, legacy, and heritage. Its accessories are the kind your grandma passes down to you or you score at a vintage shop — and that history and the stories that come with each bag are a big part of what we love about the brand. But Coach just debuted something that feels anything but traditional: It has teamed up with fashion-crowd favorite Opening Ceremony for an exclusive collection of cool-girl Coach bags you won't find anywhere else.
The collection is comprised of seven styles in different fabrications, many of which feature the "kiss-lock" change-purse-looking closure, which was a signature to Bonnie Cashin's early '60s innovations. And there's no shortage of the in-your-face pattern clashing you fell in love with from its spring '16 collection (think cheery florals and loud leopard spots). So if you're looking to invest in a high-quality handbag that takes tradition and turns it on its head, look no further. This isn't a collab we expected, but it sure is one we're going to happily take advantage of.