Love Zara, ASOS & Reformation? You’ll Love These, Too

You just got your paycheck and you're in the mood to spend some money. You take out your laptop and pull up your browser, beginning to peruse your usual haunts. You click through pages and pages on ASOS, Forever21, and Reformation; add a few "maybes" to your cart, and then ultimately decide that nothing's worth your hard-earned money this time around. It's called brand fatigue — and we have the solution.
Of course, we love shopping our usuals, because they consistently deliver. But sometimes, you can feel yourself becoming victim to another "TODAY ONLY" sale or the endless merchandise cycle. Instead, how about you buy less and give some smaller, up-and-coming indie brands a shot? Sure, they won't be a "deal" like those $9.99 jeans you've been seeing around, but these are purchases that are higher quality, made with care, and are designs that no one else will have.
So, click on to shop the indie brands we're sure you'll love just as much as the mall stores you already frequent. Who knows — one of these might just be the next Zara.
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