North West Tries Her Hand At Contouring

Looks like North West isn't wasting any time getting inducted into the Kardashian contouring hall of fame. Kim's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic posted a picture on Instagram of the two-year-old's face smeared with makeup in what appear to be the beginning steps of a flawless sculpting situation. As the saying goes: Like mother, like daughter. "When #North steals your contour palette ????? omg," Dedivanovic wrote alongside a picture of North appearing to have just been caught with her hands in the cosmetic cookie jar. And we can't say for sure, but we're almost positive this was a typical kid-getting-into-the-wrong-drawer situation and not the family actually encouraging young North to accentuate her already adorable cheekbones (a semi-similar situation landed Dedivanovic in the hot seat just last year). Although, we already know Kim and North have a tendency to glean inspiration from each other. While we definitely don't condone applying makeup on anyone too young to make the choice for themselves, when a toddler's natural inquisitiveness results in an aww-worthy gaffe like this we can't help but chime in with adoring squeals of our own. Two-year-olds will be two-year-olds, after all.

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