Kim Kardashian On Being The Patron Saint Of Contouring

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Love her or loathe her, it seems the world still can't get enough of Kim K. Her app — a game that revolves around getting your character to A-list status — was valued at a cool $200 million. The #nomakeupselfie she posted on Instagram last month went viral. And, that's only the tip of the Kardashian iceberg.
To add to their ever-growing beauty empire, Kim and her sisters recently launched another product that's likely to sell out faster than you can say "Dash Dolls" three times. In celebration of the Kardashian Sun Kissed tanning line, we met up with Kim K. herself at Ulta’s new L.A. store and got her raw, honest opinion on everything from the story behind that bare-faced selfie to what it's like to be the patron saint of contouring.
What prompted you to take a no-makeup selfie?
"It's funny, because I wasn't even going to post that! I love makeup, and I didn't think it necessarily looked the best. But, I got the most positive comments on that one. So, I think I’m motivated to probably post a few more without makeup on in the future.”
How do you feel about everyone and their mother being obsessed with the "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" game?
"When I was creating the app, I wanted it to be very similar to things that I do. And, it was important to me to have the wardrobe be really similar [to mine]. It’s fun to see people come up with fun characters that match my outfits and post photos of them with the ones I’m wearing in real life… It’s just a fun game, and I’m so excited that we’ve gotten such a good response from it. I play games on my phone when I’m on the plane and when I’m trying to kill time, so I’m glad it’s fun!”
A lot of people say that you’ve not only brought back contouring, but also reinvented the process altogether. How do you think contouring benefits someone’s overall look?
"I think that [you shouldn't] go too heavy... I mean, I’ve seen photos of myself where my nose will be too contoured, and it looks tiny! I guess some makeup artists just have a style where they heavily contour a nose. I'm like, ‘Wa-wa-wait! It really looks like I got a nose job with that contouring!’ But, when I personally do my own makeup, I pretty much will only contour, and then I don’t like to wear a lot of foundation. What I’ve gotten really good at is when I go on vacation, I’ve learned how to contour my stomach with tanner [using] our spray... So, that’s kind of my trick!"
Do you think contouring is something anyone can benefit from, if done right?
“If they care about makeup and that stuff. When I was 14, my dad got Kourtney and [me] makeup lessons for Christmas... He said, ‘If my girls are going to start to wear makeup, I want them to know how to do it right.’ But, I didn’t really start learning about contouring until...we started going to events, and we would get our makeup professionally done. When I was in high school and college, I didn’t really know about contouring. I think, if done right, it’s definitely something everyone can benefit from."
kardashPhoto: Courtesy of Ulta Beauty.
How does it feel to be a modern-day beauty icon for so many women?
“Thank you! I mean, I love makeup. I love the whole idea of glamour. I’m still not afraid to post a picture with no makeup, but, for my personal preference, what I like is maybe more glamorous than the average person."
Do you give your little sisters makeup advice?
"No, they give me makeup advice! [Kylie] has it down: She has her mirror and her tweezers, and she’s putting on her lashes... She just knows exactly how to do the lashes and the lips, and she looks beautiful. And, I love being inspired by her and her love for makeup."
Any tanning horror stories from back in the day?
“When I would get spray tans, I would get [them] really, really dark, and then I’d fall asleep [leaning on my hands], and there would be tanner all over my hands when I woke up... It was always so hard to get off.”
Do you face similar issues at all when sunless tanning now?
"With our products, we don’t have the orange-y thing happening, so we don’t have that problem... I like to do one body part at a time, rather than do it all over. I love to tan before I go on vacation. I like to have a tanner on and a glow. And then, I can just hang out on vacation, instead of just sitting there [and tanning]! It’s hard to lay out in the sun — and, it’s not that good for you."
Any tips for applying the products from the line?
"We have an exfoliator — it’s really important to exfoliate before tanning. I love that our line has three products you can choose from for tanning: There’s a gel form, a foam, and a spray. I know Khloe really likes the foam. That’s harder for me to put on, but I love the spray. It’s really about whichever one works best for you, which I think is unique."

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