How One Feminist Brand Is Leading An Ethical Fashion Revolution

We're entering a time when fast fashion will no longer cut it — brands are beginning to realize that the message and beliefs behind their clothing matter just as much as how it looks. And while many labels are finding a way to take ownership over the ethics of their products, there's one company in particular that's tackling the issue head-on. Introducing: Birdsong, a London-based fashion co. "for women who expect more from their wardrobe." In other words, sign us up.

Founded in 2014 by a trio of feminists, Birdsong doesn't just sell adorable sweat-shop free clothing made by the best female makers and creators around the world — it also doesn't Photoshop any of its imagery. With its recent campaign, #AsWeAre, Birdsong aims to show that all bodies and all women are perfect through a series of stunning photographs; it also plans to cover the London Underground with 120 posters of women of different races, shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. Plus, it's committed to using a diverse range of models and only female photographers. Can you say girl power?

As an added bonus, you can shop the goods guilt-free, knowing that more than half of the proceeds of each and every purchase go back to the women who made the merchandise, from single moms and groups in Malawi to seamstresses on Brick Lane. It's the little things that make a big statement, and we can get behind any brand that's out to support those in need.

With all of that in mind, click on to check out some of our favorite picks from Birdsong. We're telling you right now: This is a game-changer.

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