Prepare Yourselves With This Guide To The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Before we know it, 2015 will be over, which means there's a slew of boxes to tick off our to-do list before New Year's rolls around. If you haven't already made a dent in yours yet, it might look a little something like this: "Survive Black Friday," "Find tax stuff," etc. But for those of us who write about clothes for a living (and those of us who prefer to admire from afar), our calendars have one very important occasion to celebrate tomorrow: the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show broadcast.
The premise of this year's show isn't unlike the others — models walking down a sparkly runway in lingerie that looks more like sexy Halloween costumes — except for the fact that Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are making their Victoria's Secret debuts as the newest (and, arguably, most famous) angels to date. Sure, The Weeknd will be there, and Selena Gomez, too, but the world has been nervously anticipating this thing since the extravaganza was filmed on November 10. And in angel years, that's a long time, considering the show happens only annually.
Needless to say — bated breath — we're excited to watch. But, in order to prepare for such next-level pomp and circumstance, proper pre-show rituals are required. Forget the physical, and focus on the mental: When Lily Aldridge steps out in the highly anticipated (and pricey!) Fantasy Bra (this year's "Fireworks" version rang in at $2 million), your mind might just explode, so the right security measures must take place. Whether that looks like a face mask, a bowl of chips, a glass of wine, or several hundred thousand crunches, we feel you. Click through for just a few key examples of how to get your mind right before the most ridiculous, unmissable style showdown of the year.