Chrissy Teigen Calls Twitter Troll “White Lenny Kravitz”

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Another day, another Twitter troll takedown for Chrissy Teigen. On Tuesday, a social media assailant under the alias @TommyPicklesPW fired the first shot unprovoked: "Why is @chrissyteigen famous?" Clearly, the Twitter user has not kept up on Teigen's relentless counterstrikes against online haters who've dared to wage war with her over the last few months. The mom-to-be lobbed a fierce comeback, point blank. "I dunno, why are you trying to be white Lenny Kravitz?" she tweeted, taking aim at the user's personal style with searing precision. This comes on the tail of Teigen's most recent counterattack, in response to a Twitter user who shamed her for getting pregnant out of wedlock — when, in fact, she and father-to-be John Legend have been married since 2013. But the 30-year-old has been hitting back at haters on Instagram and Twitter all year, from defending herself against strangers shaming her cereal-eating habits and pregnancy body, to calling out real-life racist incidents. We've got a lot of respect for Teigen's fearlessness in standing up for herself against online bullies. When she calls people out for hurtful comments about her pregnancy experience, diet, body weight, and looks in general, she's standing up for every woman who's been victim to that kind of body-shaming, judgmental, sexist vitriol. But does a guy like "Tommy Pickles" really deserve Teigen's breath (or, in this case, her 140-characters-or-less response)? He is clearly spewing the kind of impersonal, thoughtless garbage that bored, anonymous users have been launching at celebs since the advent of social media, at every star from Kim Kardashian to Selena Gomez. Sure, the guy's an idiot — and her return insult was painfully on point — but why even dignify it with a response? Teigen's fierce and witty comebacks are going to start to lose their potency if she swings back at every idiot with a Twitter handle. Incidents like this make a bright, well-spoken woman start to look, well, petty. The trolls aren't going anywhere in 2016 — so it's going to be up to Teigen to choose her battles.

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