Who Won This Year’s 10 Biggest Twitter Fights?

In the good old days, vicious mudslinging between the stars happened face to face or through word of mouth. But it's 2015, and we talk more via smartphones and social media than we do in person. Reaching out to someone you only sorta know is easier than ever — as is picking a fight with pretty much anybody. Twitter in particular has become the ultimate public forum where quarreling celebrities go to hash(tag) it out — while the whole world watches, in real time.
These wars-of-words become so ridiculously escalated that, despite our higher selves reminding us not to delight in other people's misery, they become snackable, reality-show style entertainment for the millions of tweeters looking on. We see it all on Twitter: 140-character studies in passive aggression, snarky snipes, thinly veiled jabs, epic rants, cryptic quotes, ambiguous retweets that may or may not be an endorsement of said tweet.
Some of this year's most notable Twitter feuds were born online, sparked by a single tweet alone. Others carried over from a conflict that began IRL and, naturally, got blown absurdly out of proportion. A few of the MVPs this year? Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj, Zayn Malik, and the Kardashians all deserve a shot at the title. But see what you think. Here are the top 10 Twitter tiffs of 2015.

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