Chrissy Teigen Responds To Unwelcome Comments About Her Pregnancy Figure

Last month, Chrissy Teigen came forward about how she's sick and tired of people inquiring about when she and husband John Legend were going to start a family. In a raw moment, she said that she and Legend have actually had some "trouble" in that arena. "We would have kids five, six years ago if it'd happened," Teigen confessed at the time. "But my gosh, it's been a process!" That process recently came to a happy ending — or an exciting new beginning, depending on how you look at it. Teigen and Legend announced via Instagram this month that they are expecting their first child together. Then, the model and rising food star shared a new pic of her growing belly online over the weekend, along with the caption, "Somebody is early to the party."

Somebody is early to the party ???

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Although she added a couple weep-face emoticons, our assumption is that the mom-to-be is nothing less than super psyched. But, of course, you can't post a picture of yourself on social media without inviting any number of bizarre comments from perfect strangers these days. Teigen — who hasn't officially shared her due date with the world — suddenly found herself fielding tweets about whether or not she is carrying twins, even after she cleared the record and said that's absolutely not the case.
"I did IVF. One at a time. It isn't twins. I can see the damn thing. Get out of my uterus!," Teigen posted. She also took the time to surface several other highly invasive, speculating tweets, including this one:
Here's the thing: When Chrissy Teigen posted photos of her changing body online, she knew that people were going to have something to say. (She actually took a mea culpa card on this one, saying that she's officially done with pregnancy tweeting after this experience.) But, the fact that the first thing that people did was leap into a discussion of what's going on inside Teigen's body and weigh in about how "big" her bump appears to be is disheartening. Not only were the comments pretty smarmy, but they border on body-shaming. Thankfully, Teigen has retained her uncanny ability to just brush her shoulders off. Her message to all the haters out there? You can weigh in all you want, but in the end she's the one with the inside scoop.

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