12 Ways The Fashion Industry Has Changed Since 2006

Photo: Marc Piasecki/Getty Images.
As the year winds down, it's customary to reflect on the goings-on of the prior 12 months. There's certainly a lot to look back on and learn from when it comes to 2015's biggest fashion headlines. But this time around, we're going full-#throwback, turning back the clock 10 years to see how much has changed (and how far we've come) in the fashion orbit since 2006.

A lot has happened in the past decade: Fashion bloggers rose to prominence, the amount of apps in our social media rotation has quadrupled, the oh-so-covetable boho look was replaced with oh-so-comfortable athleisure... So, we're looking back at some of the big plot points in the fashion industry since the mid-aughts. Let's reminisce (and look forward to what's next), ahead.

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