Regular Guys Everywhere Throwing Themselves At “Lonely” J Lawr On Twitter

Jennifer Lawrence may be an Academy Award-winning actress with an enviable crew of funny friends and admirably tough negotiation skills. She may be a bad-ass feminist with a fantastic sense of humor about herself, and the seemingly magical ability to recover seamlessly from bouts of very public klutziness. But even the inherently likable J Lawr doesn't have it all figured out in the romance department. And the Twitterverse would like to help. "I am lonely every Saturday night," the actress told Vogue in an interview for its December issue. "Guys are so mean to me." After the story carrying her confession of dateless nights [Ed. note: Seriously?! What hope is there for the rest of us?] appeared online yesterday, a slew of guys from around the world began to woo the Hunger Games star on Twitter, inundating the fan account @JLDaily with date invites. Unfortunately for them, Lawrence herself does not have a Twitter presence, and the Twitter account to which the lovestruck suitors sent their missives was forced to break their hearts by admitting it has no tie to the actress.
Fortunately for us, that didn't happen until after tons of dudes decided to throw themselves at Lawrence via messages to @JLDaily, ranging from the simple and somewhat sweet... a less sweet, but still succinct gentleman who truly has a way with words:
If she's looking for long-term, this guy offers to "love her forever":
...while this London gent just wants to have some beers:
One Tristan McSuperboot, however, just doesn't want to hear it. He asked J Lawr to his high school dance years ago, and still hasn't heard back. (What, has she been busy, or something?)
Can't blame a guy for trying.

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