A Century Of Costumes, From Minnie Mouse To Kim Kardashian

Photo: Via Mode/YouTube.
Have you not yet achieved Halloween-costume fatigue? Allow us to help with many, many ideas. Maybe your posse’s brilliant, coordinated looks have been in the works for weeks. Or perhaps you’re more of a costume procrastinator; you might already own these pieces, and if not, don’t discount the potential of the humble bedsheet. Every year seems to come with its own zeitgeisty dress-up ideas; but how about the go-to costume from, say, five decades ago?
Photo: Via Mode/YouTube.
This holiday-themed version of the “100 Years Of…” videos you can’t seem to escape on your Facebook newsfeed these days looks at one woman getting done up in 10 popular costumes from the past century. The video, created by Mode, includes a straightforward witchy look to represent a popular 1925 costume, creepy-looking Minnie Mouse from 1935 (there are frilly bloomers involved), a sexy ‘60s kitty, and Britney Spears’ school-uniformed “Baby One More Time” look for 2005.
Photo: Via Mode/YouTube.
As for the ensemble capturing 2015’s cultural milieu? It’s pulled from the newsstands, and, yes, it involves someone in the Kardashian-Jenner clan. It’s Kim Kardashian’s "Break The Internet" Paper cover look, of course, complete with a massive, padded butt and faux Champagne stream. Check out the video below if you’re still scrambling for an outfit for (mostly) classics you’ve either seen at umpteen Halloween bashes or even donned back in your trick-or-treating days. (Raggedy Ann, anyone?) But for a more, well, relevant option, consider these seven very of-the-moment-ideas.

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