10 Weird-But-Worth-It Trends From London Fashion Week

There's no better feeling than trying a new look that feels a little on the risky side, pulling it off successfully, and watching all the late-adopters start to follow in your wake. The trends on the runways at London Fashion Week lend themselves to just that. They're weird enough to feel new and interesting, but not too weird to actually try (or succeed in pulling off).
A few weeks go in New York, we saw plenty of wearable trends, many of which you might already own. But in Londontown, the looks were a good bit more out-of-the-box. From challenging traditional proportions and fits to going full-on wonky with plastic accents and squiggly motifs, the looks took unusual turns. In fact, they might seem to go against everything you've learned when it comes to fashion. But we promise that the risk won't come without reward. Click on for 10 trends straight from London Fashion Week that are worth taking a step out of your comfort zone.
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