5 Style Epiphanies We Had In A Really Productive 10-Minute Show

During Sunday's Jonathan Saunders spring 2016 show, we experienced one of those rare Everything is Different moments, where something in your brain shifts and you start thinking about the clothes you already own and the ones you want to own in an entirely new way. Chalk it up to a major overdose of Vitamin D — the show itself took place in a makeshift greenhouse, and colors that were already saturated and stunning under regular light took on a magical quality. They literally glowed.

Feeling warm, cozy, and happy in the sunlit space, it was easy to be moved by the show. But in terms of newness and novelty, this collection really didn't push the fashion vocabulary. We've all seen slip dresses, color-blocking, Moroccan-tile-style patterns, and cropped jackets before. What it did do brilliantly was use fresh styling and revelatory combinations to present some of those standby trends. Click through to see the five aha moments the show inspired.

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