Everything You Need To Know About The Memphis Group Fashion Trend

Making trend predictions is always tough to do (see: here), but one of the safest bets the industry ever placed was on the return of the Memphis Group look. It’s that very-’80s aesthetic you might remember from weekend morning TV, and your parents remember from home decor catalogs. It’s graphic and silly, and just plain fun to look at (not to mention wear). And while there have been some designers dabbling in one or two items inspired by this collective, London-based designer Edeline Lee's latest spring 2016 collection is a veritable Memphis Group feast, and will define how we’re all going to be doing the look in 2016.
What that means: Soothing color blocking in a palette of muted jewel tones, nearly pastels, and crisp black-and-white trim; strong, structured shapes that occasionally veer into wackadoo territory (but, for the most part, keep it simple, like a certain twisted crop top that we’re obsessed with). Geometry comes in tiny patterns and oversize shapes in the form of pockets, collars, and necklines.
Lee's spring 2016 showing was the purest version of the Memphis Group influence on modern designers — not to mention the most urgent-feeling, too; it all looks so good, the consensus is need-it-now-please.
We know we say this far too often, but it must be done: Can’t wait for spring the spring 2016 drop!

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