American Apparel Workers Bash A Piñata Of Their CEO

If Paula Schneider decided to write a book right now, it might be called Backlash Is a Bitch: Or, Things I've Learned as CEO of American Apparel. American Apparel workers fashioned a piñata to represent Schneider — who signed on as CEO of the company in January — and proceeded to beat the daylights out of it. The video below, uploaded by an account dubbed Save American Apparel earlier this month, explains the reasoning behind employees' ill will toward Schneider: "Workers have experienced a 50% loss in wages, loss in benefits, continued to work furloughs, and have seen their work farmed out to sweatshops outside of AA." The video goes on to criticize Schneider's management of the company's finances: "The Paula Schneider piñata was filled with chocolate gold coins and play money in representation of Paula's reckless decision to lead American Apparel into financial peril, all the while making sure to enrich herself and her friends with undeserved monetary rewards." Of course, this shouldn't have been a surprise. Schneider took on the title when the brand was already plagued with controversy after controversy surrounding its former CEO, Dov Charney. She was tasked with turning the company around, but according to the dismal second-quarter earnings, it's been less than successful. She couldn't have predicted an easy ride, but a piñata bashing might not have been in her scope. After all, she was supposed to be the leader employees loved, after the roller coaster that was Charney. Only time will tell if American Apparel will go down in flames or finally be able to turn the corner.