This New Sushi Trend Is Kind Of Bizarre

If you're an L.A. resident, Mexican food and sushi likely make up two of your core food groups. But you probably haven't thought about combining the two, have you? Admittedly, it doesn't sound like the best mash-up on the planet — but one L.A. restaurant is hoping to change your mind. VICE's food vertical Munchies headed to Southeast L.A. to visit the restaurant Culichi Town in Bell Gardens. The goal: To get the lowdown on the curious food trend straight from the spot that some consider the originator of Mexican sushi. In the video above, Culichi Town's head chef explains why his dishes are different: "Mexican sushi has some things that are similar to Japanese sushi," he tells Munchies. "Namely seaweed, which we call 'alga.' We use the same rice as a Japanese restaurant. The difference about sushi here is that everything is based on steak, chicken, cooked shrimp, cream cheese, and avocados from Mexico." Intrigued? Watch the video above to learn more about the trend that just might be appearing in your neighborhood soon.