The Wedding Photobomb That Every Guest Will Understand

Weddings can be wonderful. People who love each other gather to celebrate even more love. There are pretty dresses and music and cake. But sometimes, in the fifth hour when the promised cake is nowhere to be seen, love can seem a little less lovely. When you look into the eyes of this (probably) unintentional photobomber, you can see all her hope is gone. She chose the steak, but all she's had for the past two hours is a bowl of salad she didn't intend to eat. But now, as darkness takes her, she will eat all the salad. The Imgur caption reads, "A picture has never summed me up so much." Women Laughing Eating Salads was a funny joke. Woman Determinedly Eating Salad Regardless of Nearby Couple in Love, however, is real — and we’ve all been there. But the prize for best wedding photobomber still goes to whatever this is.

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