This Pinup Girl's Selfies Were SO Timeless

In the '50s and '60s, pinup girl and photographer Bunny Yeager may not have known what a selfie was, but something tells us the late icon would have no problem fitting in with today's Instagram-fame culture.

Thanks to a new exhibition at Gavlak Gallery in Los Angeles, we can get a peek at Yeager's retro version of the selfie. Titled How I Photograph Myself, the show features stunning self-portraits and behind-the-scenes shots revealing her photographic process.

Yeager first rose to fame after shooting a nude Bettie Page in nothing but a Santa hat for Playboy in 1955. She went on to publish 30 photography books while simultaneously garnering pinup status for her modeling work in front of the camera. By turns sexy, silly, and tender, the exhibition's images cement Yeager's status as one of the greatest bombshells of her time — sorry, Marilyn. (There's even a photo of her posing with Bettie Page and a pair of cheetahs thrown in for good measure.)

Click through to see the vintage snapshots for yourself. Now, get pinning — the 21st-century way.

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