The Unexpectedly Hilarious L.A. Snapchat You Need To Follow, Stat

As fascinating and inspiring as they can be, museums aren't typically known for being a barrel of laughs. But, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is hoping to spice things up in a very curious way: through Snapchat.
The museum has been taking to the app (username: lacma_museum) to post hilarious quips alongside pieces from its collection. To wit: "Eyebrows on fleek" and "All the single ladies" captions perfectly describe two of the museum's works of art.
How do they come up with the hilarious zingers? We chatted with the woman behind the account: LACMA's social media manager, Lucy Redoglia. "I look through trending topics, current events, and popular songs and movies," she says. "I'm always looking for funny one-liners."
The museum hopes its foray into Snapchat will help drum up interest from a younger demographic. "We have a couple goals for our social media here," Redoglia continues. "Obviously, bringing people in the door is one, but it's also about spreading awareness of the museum and its collection to people who might not be able to attend — to get people interested in art history."
Her favorite Snapchat sound bite? "Stop trying to make fetch happen," she tells us with a laugh. Click through to peek at our favorite funny snaps — and then add the account, pronto.