This Is Quite Possibly The Saddest eBay Listing Ever

Photo: Courtesy of eBay.
It’s the unthinkable: The lace dress to the left was intended for a trip down the aisle. But one breakup later, it suddenly became doomed to sit in a box, untouched. So, the dress took matters into its own hands and looked for a new owner via eBay. This listing is the result.

In an eBay ad that popped up last week, written from the POV of the Diane von Furstenberg ivory number, the dress tells the story of how it had plans for a "‘60s wedding theme" at City Hall in New York. “When my owner put on a dress just like me in Selfridges, she knew I was the one, so she ordered me online and had me delivered to her husband-to-be in Brooklyn,” says the U.K. size 8 style. “Then, they split up.” Sure, the tale is told by an inanimate object, but still, ouch.

We're not unfamiliar with the idea of sad (or strange or awesome) stories behind the clothing we buy secondhand. (Or the bizarre tactics of some online shoppers, for that matter.) But there's something especially heart-wrenching about this "rejected wedding dress," and the anonymous woman behind it who took to eBay to let go of a painful token. "I am a constant reminder to her of what could have been. So, she wants to sell me," says the listing. "Not necessarily to a bride, but to anyone looking to give me the home I deserve."
Photo: Courtesy of eBay.
At the very least, things are looking up. The dress did sell a few days after posting for £1,150. That's a little over $1,800, and about $1,450 more than the near identical version of the DVF Zarita dress we found on Revolve. That sure as hell won't mend a broken heart, but at the very least, it was a good sale.

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