Proof That Victoria Beckham Has Always Been The Master Of Travel Outfits

For as long as we can remember, Victoria Beckham has been a style inspiration. Yes, even some of the more questionable, late-'90s ensembles from her Spice Girls days have made us pause and consider buying yellow-tinted sunglasses to wear with a belly-exposing, tattered tank top. Her post-pop star outfits are less eyebrow-raising — unless you happen to be at LAX, crossing paths with her as she makes her way to baggage claim in a perfectly fitted pencil skirt and stilettos.
It's no secret that Posh knows how to dress for the camera. Every turn on the red carpet, runway, or other photographer-heavy event is impossibly chicer than the last. But it's the airport terminal that Beckham has transformed from land of sensible slip-on footwear and leggings to a de facto catwalk.
This is by no means a recent sartorial shift. Go back through the years and you'll see Victoria Beckham has always taken her travel style seriously. The tailored blazers of the '00s have evolved into a more rounded, business-casual wardrobe that we've now come to expect from the pop-phenom-turned-fashion-designer. The silhouettes may vary, but there's one rule that pervades Beckham's travel history: No flats. Ever. Seriously, we have the outfits to back it up: read on for nine Posh looks that'll make you rethink what you know about dressing at 30,000 feet.