How Fashion Girls Find The Best Stuff At Target, H&M & Forever 21

This story was originally published in June 2015.
One can go into Forever 21, H&M, and other big-box fashion stores and emerge looking casual-Friday, clubby, or Coachella-ready. That wealth of possibilities is key to those stores' appeal, but it also accounts for their intimidation factor. Entering a Forever 21 is like trying to date in New York City — you just know there's a game-changing, perfect-for-you gem in there somewhere, but you're gonna have to sift through a lot of duds to find it.
Which is why it's time to share some tried-and-true techniques fashion girls use to instantly sort a massive product array into "never would I ever" and "must cop." From secret homepages, to personal stylists, to private labels you didn't know existed, read on for how to shop eight of your favorite stores so you only see the good stuff.

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