See How Much Fashion’s Changed In 100 Years

If you've had even half an eye on the Internet in the past few months, you've surely caught one of the wildly popular "100 Years of Beauty" videos. Now that those have thoroughly covered trends in Black, Korean, and, um, Blake Lively beauty, it was only a matter of time until someone created a similar look at fashion through the ages — and that video is now here. Created by Mode, the video here does a pretty great job (to this vintage aficionada's eye) of covering a century's worth of fashion trends. There's the gloved-up, cleavage-covering 1910s, the drop-waisted '20s, the Victory-curled '40s, a '70s denim-jumpsuit that'll send many modern hearts fluttering, and an over-the-top '80s look worthy of an old-school, Janice Dickinson Cosmo cover. The more recent looks bring the video's uncanny accuracy home, since we're pretty sure we lived in 1995's post-grunge look, and remember all too well a time when a silk cami with a shrug, low-waisted denim, and a Razr phone were the look. So, what look does the video posit will represent us to future students of fashion? Boyfriend jeans, a slouchy blouse, black leather jacket, and tan heels — so, pretty much the look of Saturday night in Anytown, U.S.A. Watch the video below to see how we'll look to posterity (hopefully not as kooky as that '80s lady).

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