Blake Lively Does 100 Years Of Beauty Looks In The Age Of Adaline

As if Blake Lively weren't #blessed enough. In her latest movie, The Age of Adaline, she stars as a beautiful young woman who — through an enchanted moment involving an old-timey car crashing into a lake — becomes lucky (or cursed, depending on how you look at it) to never age beyond 29. The film has pulled out all the stops to keep Lively’s character, Adaline, glowing and youthful through an entire century of fashion and beauty trends — from the Roaring '20s to the mod '60s to the present. 
To properly tell Adaline’s story, hairstylist Anne Carroll and lead makeup artist Monica Huppert kept Lively’s looks faithful to each era through genuine period techniques. “We used rollers and pin curlers instead of hot irons and hair dryers, as well as authentic hair accessories by scouring vintage stores in Los Angeles,” Carroll told R29. Huppert, who looked to famous icons of each decade for inspiration, owns a collection of period makeup to reference while shopping for comparable modern-day colors. 
Consistency was key in the storytelling. “I wanted Adaline to have her own style,” Huppert explained. “So, we kept a lot of the same colors in her palette throughout the decades — as a thread through time — and then just adjusted the shape of the eyebrows, the shape of the lips, and placement of the blush to help tell the story.” 
Basically, the film — which hits the big screen on April 24 — is like a cinematic Pinterest of period hair and makeup inspirations. Read on for all the glorious details, straight from the masterminds themselves, on how to co-opt Lively’s, well, ageless looks. 

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