The Ultimate Guide To Summer Concerts In L.A. (& Whom To Bring)

What do Angelenos look forward to most every summer? The answer, of course, will depend on whom you ask. Some wait all year for Cinespia season to roll around, while the promise of Sunday afternoon Dodger Dogs does the trick for others. For us, however, this time of year is all about summer concerts. Is there anything more glorious than packing up a picnic for a show at The Hollywood Bowl or seeing your favorite band up close and personal at The Hotel Cafe? We think not.

To help you make sense of all the headliners rolling through town (there are some major ones) and fill you in on the under-the-radar gigs you should know about, we've rounded up the 15 best concerts you simply gotta see. And, just to make it extra-fun, we've picked your date for you. Whether you're a classic-rock fan or a Swiftie, trust us when we say there's something on this list for every type of music lover out there. Click through to see which shows made the cut, and swipe up those tickets ASAP.

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