9 Times Miss Piggy Was The Ultimate Feminist Icon

Over a year ago, I dubbed Miss Piggy the "Gloria Steinem of the Muppet world." This week, the Brooklyn Museum announced their endorsement of her stature as a feminist pioneer: On June 4, the confident and outspoken "performer, actor, writer, and icon" will receive the Outstanding Women’s Award at the museum's annual Sackler Center First Awards.
For the past 40 years, Miss Piggy has fearlessly led women on a journey of self-discovery and -appreciation. She's been at the forefront of body acceptance (when asked whether she considers herself plus-size, she told Chelsea Handler, "If by plus, you mean I have an extra fabulous, gorgeous, give-me-some-of-that figure, then yes. If you mean fat, then no"), gender equality, and female empowerment (her self-help book, Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life, teaches women to be proud of themselves, regardless of their shape or size). 
Need even more proof that Miss Piggy is the ultimate feminist? Ahead, see nine times she's killed it at being a #boss (sorry, Sheryl Sandberg).