Forget Mullet Skirts: Meet Emma Watson's Skrillex Skirt

Photo: Gregory Pace/BEImages.
But, let us explain. Emma Watson showed up to Time magazine's Time 100 party last night wearing a three-piece Dior ensemble that looked different from four angles. That's right: four.

The last time we saw an outfit with this many sides was on Rosario Dawson — but even that was only three — and the last time we saw this type of over-exaggerated asymmetrical design was on none other than Skrillex's head. You know what we're talking about: shaved on one side, shoulder-length on the other.

It might seem dubious to compare EDM's most famous haircut to one of the chicest red carpet looks we've ever seen, but the two have more in common than you'd think. And, how to pull off Emma's three-part look is simple: Keep parts one and two (the top and bottom, respectively) svelte and tailored while letting the third part — your centerpiece, if you will — hang extra low in a fabric that's light (and long) enough to wrap around your waist a few times.
Photo: Gregory Pace/BEImages.

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