10 Items Fashion People Think Are Magic

To suggest that a jacket or handbag possesses some inexplicable power — one that can charm a stranger or make things go your way — might seem silly. Or straight-up crazy. Unless you know better, that is. For anyone who’s slipped into an item so special it makes you feel weak-in-the-knees and 10 feet tall at the same time, it’s hard to explain the phenomenon. Some call it a freakin’ amazing purchase. Or, like the 10 fashion insiders ahead, they call it magic.

There are no official rules or tests to determine how magical a dress (or any other item from your closet) may be, but we do have firsthand testimonials. For instance, one international style star swears that her LBD is a matchmaker, other designers and editors are fascinated by their accessories' ability to spark conversations, or just a smile, from unsuspecting strangers. And, in the biggest inexplicable twist, several of the women in the slides have eBay and second-hand stores to thank for their prized pieces. Which, if you've ever spent hours scouring the the racks of a Goodwill, will have you believing in magic, too. 

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