7 Reasons Amal Clooney Is The Ultimate Spring Style Icon

Amal Clooney. She's a badass human rights lawyer and Columbia University professor — and she happens to be married to one of the most handsome (and famous) actors of our time (you know her husband George, right?). She also has a way with clothes that most could only dream of, meaning she can pull off anything and everything with ease.
While her signature look certainly veers toward the professional, her recent jaunts around the city have proven she can rock a pair of ripped jeans just as seamlessly as a little black dress. Her wide-legged trousers and sky-high wedges have become somewhat of a signature. She's mastered  the art of sporting even the most wild of colors and prints. Plus, she recognizes the importance of a good, bold accessory (have you seen her earring collection?!). 
With beauty and brains (and a strong sartorial eye), Amal is truly the full package. In fact, we're officially dubbing her the best dressed woman in New York City. Click ahead to scope (and shop) some of our favorite recent looks.