You Can Now Take A Seflie With Your Shoe

The selfie stick has hardly been around long enough to earn a place in Merriam-Webster, but already the camera-clasping pole seems to be causing trouble. It's been banned by music festivals, including Coachella, and despite its ability to capture your atmosphere from more than arm’s distance, it still requires keeping one hand occupied at all times. Miz Mooz has just announced the selfie solution that'll easily sneak by security and keep your hands free. Your feet? Not so much. It’s called The Selfie Shoe and, as Miz Mooz claims, it has a square toe box perfect for slipping a smartphone into. Then, just lift your leg to your head and click the shutter with your toe. You might risk pulling a muscle — but no hands! The simple (?) process can be seen in the video below. Of course, what's most suspicious about the invention isn't just that it means taking a selfie would now require stretching first, but that its drop date is April 2. And, considering that the press release reached our inboxes yesterday, we’re pretty certain that it's nothing more than a premature April Fool’s joke. We could be wrong, but hey, this isn't our first (or second) rodeo.

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