This April Fool’s Joke Is DEEPLY Awkward

Y'all already know we go HAM on April Fools' Day. But, after last year's success, we knew there was no fooling you, Sherlocks. So, we thought we'd take a more grassroots approach to this year's day of LOLs. You see, we realized that we work adjacent to the most strictly business-minded place on Earth — Wall Street. The jokes basically wrote themselves. Check out what happened when we tried some simple pranks on innocent passersby. Depending on who you ask, we either completely blew it or totally nailed it. We'd like to think it's the latter.
As you can see, we did a really good job. So, we thought, why stop there? Click through to see how we inconvenienced the entire office convinced our receptionist to create a domino-effect of pranks that will live in infamy.
Shot and edited by Jack Pearce.
And, that's how it's done. Think you can top this? Duh. Tell us your all-star pranks in the comments below.
Shot and edited by Jack Pearce.