Confirmed: Marc By Marc Jacobs Is Being Discontinued

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Update: A little piece of our heart broke last week when we heard news of the potential Marc by Marc Jacobs closing. It was the part that remembers the diffusion brand as our first coveted symbol of cool-girl style. Its handbags have held It status since our fledgling fashion obsession was first becoming ferocious, and our access to big-name brands was limited to a special section in our mall department stores. Sadly, WWD has confirmed today that the rumors are indeed true and it seems we can expect Marc by Marc Jacobs to close within the next year. “It just feels like we aren’t doing that job by showing two different collections with two different messages,” Marc Jacobs tells WWD. Instead, the company will focus on unifying its vision, redesigning its stores, and perhaps planning for the announcement of its anticipated IPO. Katie Hillier, who was brought in to be creative director in 2013, will be remain with the brand, but her partner, Luella Bartley’s, future position has not been confirmed.  The silver lining here is that Marc Jacobs will continue to offer both contemporary and luxury products, after shuttering the diffusion line. Also, those Marc by Marc Jacobs pieces we already prize are now practically collectors’ items. (WWD

Originally published March 20, 2015.

 Since its inception about 15
years ago, Marc by Marc Jacobs has often been billed as the younger sister to
the Marc Jacobs brand. But, that would be a discredit, because this cool,
rebellious label has proven to be so much more than that. Besides the
clothing itself — which, over the years, has taken cues from badass suffragettes and ‘60s secretaries alike — the contemporary offshoot also ushered
in Marc Jacobs’ strategy of Instagram casting, and, most notably, saw an exciting revival when Luella Bartley and Katie
 took over as designers in 2013. However, that may all change, because reports indicate that MBMJ will no
longer be its own stand-alone brand. 

According to WWD, Marc by Marc Jacobs will be absorbed into
the main Marc Jacobs line as a way to expand selection under one
company umbrella. This means the merchandise will be divided into two price
points: contemporary and luxury. As sources told WWD, the goal “is
not to lessen the product range, but to unify all products with a clarity of
voice and aesthetic, and ultimately, to expand the product offerings.”

important to note that the rumors remain unconfirmed — but if they’re true, these
changes would be only the latest in a year filled with retail shakeups.
Just two months ago, Kate Spade made a similar (but more drastic) move by
shuttering its Saturday brand and folding the merchandise into the main stores. Plenty of questions remain unanswered, including what this move would mean for
the MBMJ staff, especially Bartley and Hillier. But, considering the line is
still going full-speed (and casting its newest campaign!) the good news is, these changes won’t happen for a while. (WWD)

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