What Miley Cyrus Wore To Dinner With Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Mom

Dinner with your significant other's parents can be a stressful affair for anyone, but Miley Cyrus has it extra tough, given she's a high-profile individual dating another high-profile individual. But, since she and Patrick Schwarzenegger have traveled together, posed for adorable photo booth pictures together, and admitted their weaknesses to each other (and the world), a dinner with his mom at L.A.'s The Palm seems like a must-do.  Of course, it's no big deal for the singer, who already has a seal of approval from both the Schwarzenegger and Kennedy sides of her beau's clan. Picking an outfit is easy-peasy, too. Miley knows how to perfectly blend her penchant for edgier, playful pieces with parent-approved silhouettes. For dinner with Maria Shriver, she chose an all-black tank top and midi-skirt outfit topped off with a mesh sweater. (This would be considered winter wear in California.) Cyrus added a touch of rock-and-roll with knee-high glitter boots and her trusty Saint Laurent bucket bag, cementing her fashion (and fancy-person) cred in the process. 
The best part of this look is its weekend-wearability and practically seasonless status. That means, go ahead and try this out even if you're not in Cali, not dating a movie star's son, and not hanging with any Kennedys.
Photo: NGRE/AKM Images/GSI Media.
Miley is wearing a Saint Laurent bag.