The Best Serial Homage Yet

Photo: Courtesy of The Sporkful.
It's been almost three months since Serial's first season concluded and we're still not over it —  like, at all. If you find yourself staring at the icon in your podcast app, wishing for that little red 1 to appear, you're probably going to be waiting for a while.  This week, another popular WNYC podcast created one of the finest homages to the cult series yet. The Sporkful is a food-centric podcast (their motto: "It's not for foodies, it's for eaters"), and therefore it makes sense for them to take on this particularly heinous crime: office food theft. The episode follows Heather Yun Coleman, a woman trying to track down the colleague consistently stealing bits and pieces of her food. While it may sound silly (and it certainly is at times) this is a crime we can all relate to. Who in this world has never gone full-blown Ross over a stolen sandwich? Of course, The Sporkful's story doesn't take itself that seriously. Chronic food theft, after all, is not exactly comparable to an actual murder trial. But, with a light touch, the episode references more deep-seated issues behind the act: office politics, possible racism, sexual aggression. "If you look at all the facts...this was not about food whatsoever," says one commentator. "This was about sex." While it's clear that this is part-true and part-parody, it's the perfect snack to tide you over until Serial returns. Perhaps the best part of The Sporkful's story is the ending. Without spoiling anything, we'll just sat that if you were left unsatisfied by Serial's conclusion, this one won't leave you hanging.