Sarah Koenig Is Crowdsourcing Ideas For Serial Season 2

Photo: Courtesy of Serial.
Serial fans are going to have to wait a bit for the next season. Sarah Koenig doesn't have a clue as to what to investigate! "No, we do not have a story," the host of the cult podcast said during a Q&A at Penn State. Koenig then asked the audience to pitch her ideas. "If any of you has a story," she added, "there’s an e-mail."  Forget e-mailing, though. Twitter has erupted with ideas. The hashtag #SerialSeason2 has blown up since plans for the second season were announced. Serious suggestions like just where is Malaysia airline flight MH370 are being pitched alongside other ironic ones, like whether or not the balls were deflated during the recent Patriots/Colts game. Perhaps Koenig could explore the mystery of Saddle Ridge Gold? We still don't know who let the dogs out, either. Maybe Koenig will take one Twitter user's poignant suggestion and tackle the age old question of whether or not Ross actually cheated on Rachel in season three of Friends. Stay tuned... (WPSU)

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