Major Scandal Spoilers, Straight From The Cast

Warning: Scandal spoilers from recent episodes ahead.
Don't you hate it when actors are tight-lipped about their TV shows? Say there's a major guest star announced and you just need to know details. Or, you know a new character is coming into the picture and you're dying to see what will happen. Seven days between episodes can feel like an eternity in this binge-watching day and age.
Luckily, the Scandal cast is here to ease your suffering. We caught up with the stars of the show at the PaleyFest red carpet and panel in Los Angeles, and they were more than generous with their juicy tidbits. So, what insider knowledge did we come away with? All we can say is: Brace yourselves. Ahead, find out which killed-off star will be making a reappearance, which main character's past will be the focus of an upcoming episode, how Mellie's sister will come into play, and more.