The "Party Hoodie" Is The Best Thing That'll Ever Happen To You

Photo: Courtesy of No.21.
Despite all of the moves toward athletic, practical clothing, the pullover hoodie is still sitting on the sidelines of your closet, waiting for its personal renaissance. One of the main reasons it’s hard to execute is the fit. With its cinched waist, high neck, and puffy sleeves, it’s got a Medieval-peasant vibe that’s hard to make cool. Plus, with the (possible) graphic artwork for some high-school sports team stamped on the hoodie's front, putting one on has the tendency to transport you back to age 16 — and not in a good way. But, the coziness of a quality over-the-head sweatshirt is undeniable. If only we could figure out a way to wear them well, we’d sport them everywhere…

So, bless No.21 for doing just that. The main comfy components are still there: that large hood, the pullover style, the boxy fit. But, with a few genius design tweaks by Alessandro Dell’Acqua (see: a non-elastic waist and sleeves, a lower neckline, an upgrade from cotton fleece), the hoodie is pretty enough to wear convincingly over floral pencil skirts, ruffled party skirts, and long, flowing gowns. That’s right, all my ladies: The outfit you normally dream about pulling on as soon as you get home from the party can now come to the festivities with you.

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