Exclusive: Reese Witherspoon Reveals Her Favorite Insta Accounts

Is it possible to not like Reese Witherspoon? Whether you prefer her performance in our favorite '90s thriller, Fear, or her turn as the bubbly Elle Woods in the always-quotable Legally Blonde, or as an emotionally (and often geographically) lost drug user in Wild, there’s no shortage of reasons why she’s one of the film industry’s most sought-after actresses. We can’t predict whether she’ll walk away with her second Oscar tomorrow (she won in 2006 for Walk The Line), but there’s no doubt she’ll be sharing tidbits from the day with her Instagram followers.
Of course, it’s no surprise that Instagram feels the same way about her as we do. They’ve tapped the actress to share her favorite accounts — the ones that deeply inspire her, make her laugh, and are reminders of her Southern roots, to be exact. And, guess what? Instagram gave us the exclusive interview to match. Click through our slideshow for an inside look at Witherspoon’s feed, then surf over to Instagram’s blog for even more Reese.