The Oscar-Night Looks That Won, Big Time

This year, the Oscars red carpet was pretty much bound for greatness. With nominees like Marion Cotillard, Julianne Moore, and Reese Witherspoon in the mix, we didn't expect a flop. So, we were not surprised when they arrived in custom Chanel Couture and Dior Couture, solidifying their places among Hollywood royalty and providing the red carpet glamour that keeps us so entranced. And, that’s when things started getting exciting.
We're often on the hunt for red carpet looks that are so daring and different, they deserve standing ovations. Take, for instance, the design that Lupita Nyong'o wore like a piece of jewelry. Or, the way Naomi Watts swept in to demonstrate the best use of a bandeau bra we've ever seen on the red carpet. Side by side with the more classically elegant actresses was a sampling of old and new (Hollywood), timeless looks and ones we’ll still be admiring for their chutzpah years down the line. Yeah, we’re looking at you, Lorelei Linklater.
All our favorites are ahead.

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