30+ Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Shoes Spotted In New York City

It may not be the blizzard of 2013, but when it's less than 10 degrees outside, it's pretty damn hard to want to throw on anything but a cozy pair of sweats and snow boots. Pair those with a winter beanie, blanket scarf, and a pair of gloves and, while you've got yourself a warm outfit, it isn't exactly the most stylish look around.
Well, that's just too bad. Because, during New York Fashion Week, it's all about style. And, your galoshes just aren't going to cut it. The temperatures may be below freezing, but these ladies know the good ol' saying: No pain, no gain. From stilettos to couture running sneakers, see 36 of the most insane (and insanely gorgeous) kicks spotted on the (semi-snowy) streets of NYC. Don't worry, they're not all totally out there — there's a few cool pairs of practical boots, too.