Grammys' Best Dressed! 25 Looks That SLAYED Last Night

Photo: Steve Granitz/Getty Images.
The Grammys red carpet is always a bit of a mixed bag. It’s like trying to play all the radio stations at once — there are a lot of powerful voices, and they all want their moment in the spotlight. But, we believe that makes picking out the best of the best even more fun.

Despite these artists’ styles — both musical and sartorial — being so vastly different, it always seems like the most special looks float above all the noise. We're talking about moments like Gwen Stefani in a Versace jumpsuit proving why she's forever a muse of song and style, and Jenny Lewis wearing the coolest technicolor dream suit, ever.

Ahead, some noteworthy Grammy-goers who didn’t play it safe, got unabashedly weird, and kept us talking all night long. Except during Beyoncé. Because, well, you know.   

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