The 10 Fashion Trends That Defined 2014

Photo: Courtesy of H&M.
It’s hard to picture how what you’re wearing right now is going to be characterized in the future. We’re sure our counterparts in 1974 couldn’t imagine a day when suede bell bottoms and men’s platform shoes would seem like a costume. Certainly our circa-2000 selves couldn't fathom wearing jeans that were anything but low-rise flares. That’s the funny thing about trends: Each one's only novel in the beginning of its life cycle and years after it ends.
This year was actually a pretty distinctive one for fashion. Silhouettes started splitting into two camps (severely tomboy and severely feminine); a new emphasis was placed on basics, and for the first time in a while, practicality and comfort were prioritized as much as good, eye-catching design. Red carpet style got more daring and ostentatious, while the streets started experimenting with subtlety. You lived through it, and now’s the time to relive it: We’ve picked the top 10 trends of 2014 that one day — fingers crossed — your grandkids will admire (if not gently mock).

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