New York’s Most Incredible Holiday Windows

Each year, as part of the holiday experience in New York, the city's major department stores deliver us the ultimate present (aside from their selection of clothes, and shoes, and handbags — oh my!): Dazzling and intricately decorated window displays.
This year, there's Barneys New York's "Baz Dazzled" designs, created by Hollywood hotshot Baz Luhrmann. There's Bergdorf Goodman's celebration of the arts in the most colloquial (and stylish) sense — one stunning gown, hand-painted by Dolce & Gabbana; another, by Julien Macdonald, fit for the most fabulous of ballroom affairs. And, there's Saks Fifth Avenue's modern-day New York City fairy tale, complete with Cinderella buying herself a pair of designer shoes, and Rapunzel meeting King Kong atop the Empire State Building.
At last, the spell of holiday spirit has been cast upon us. Behold, the most spectacular 2014 holiday windows in New York City.