Kim & Kanye: America’s Pioneers Of Matchy-Matchy Couple Style

Photo: Rex USA.
There are plenty of reasons young Korean lovebirds might want to dress alike for dates: to foster a sense of closeness despite a lack of private space; to signal their special status in a culture that privileges coupledom; to participate in a modern tradition that celebrates matches-via-love over matches-via-a-matchmaker. But, we're betting that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West aren't really into all that. What they are into is great, statement-making fashion that melts paparazzi cameras on sight. And, if that means bringing the matchy-matchy couple fad stateside, then they'll be those pioneers.
Kim's double-breasted tuxedo minidress is from Balmain, with gold buttons that match Kanye's. Both accessorize with nude-hued shoes and a noticeable lack of jewelry (not to mention, knock-out cleavage and glassy-eyed stares). As someone who recently spent a week in NYC attempting to match with my guy, I can attest that this is not an easy thing to execute or pull off, and the number of side-eyes and amount of shade thrown our way was enough for us to go into hiding. But, if Kimye's foray into matchy-matchy is a sign of what's to come, there are at least two people here ready to join them. Double date next week?

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