We Can’t Stop Looking At These Matching Couples

In relationships, some prefer to keep their love on the down low, some proudly smooch in public, and others wear their hearts on their coordinating sleeves. In Asian countries like China, Japan, and particularly South Korea, wearing “couple shirts” is the equivalent of making things Facebook official.
In Western culture, dressing as a couple is usually reserved for Christmas cards and Halloween costumes, and often done ironically at best. In the East, the Keo-Peul-Look, as it's called in Korea, has been around for quite some time. 1990s-era Asian TV helped popularize this trend, and shops are increasingly selling his and hers apparel and accessories. French retailer The Kooples similarly caters to pairs by featuring authentic couples in their ads and creating complementary men’s and women’s collections. But, while this kind of matching does serve as a way to take your romance public, it's not necessarily limited to romantic couples — friends and families have hopped on the bandwagon, too.
Of course, we already know how fearless fashion can be in many Asians countries. Kawaii is practically a way of life, and when it comes to Harajuku adornments, more is definitely more. For proof that this seeing-double trend is just as established, check out the 45 pairs of lovebirds (and maybe some friends) to follow.
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