5 Awesome Couples Spearhead The Mod Revival

The only thing more eye-catching than a well-dressed woman is one with a well-dressed partner on her arm. And, French brand The Kooples somehow manages to dig up the raddest couples ever for its campaigns, season after season.
Then again, maybe any couple would look this badass in The Kooples' updated take on classic British punk, skin, two-tone, and mod style. The ladies ahead wear mohair Union Jack sweaters (like any good Clash fan circa '77), trim houndstooth jackets (like a Jam fan circa '82), and shaved heads, while fellas are kitted out in sharp, Prince Of Wales-check suits and biker leathers. And, each photo is captioned with the couple's names and how long they've been together — aw, punk love, you guys.
Click ahead for five couples who put Sid and Nancy to shame.

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