L.A.’s Craziest Street-Style Snaps

She's got a line of Vans with her face plastered all over it. Liberty designed an entire bedding collection in honor of her cuteness. MAC collaborated with her on an exclusive — and, highly colorful — makeup collection. And, as of late, she's teamed up with Beats By Dre to launch her own line of high-performance headphones. She might not really be the cat we always thought she was, but suffice it to say, Hello Kitty's been synonymous with fashion for as long as we can remember.
So, when heading to the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA for Hello Kitty Con 2014 — one of the many events in Los Angeles alone currently celebrating the kawaii kitty's 40th anniversary — we expected to see some wild fashion statements. We weren't disappointed. From Lolitas to cosplayers to sheer enthusiasts, fans went all out with their looks, showcasing wild colors, a multitude of mini-dresses, over-the-top accessories, and some unbelievable makeup. Click ahead for all of the best looks dedicated to the Sanrio superstar.