All The Best Stuff Happening In L.A. This November

Let's be clear: We love staying in. We've dedicated entire nights to doing at-home beauty treatments. We'll play hooky just to try out a chocolate pie recipe we saw on a food blog. And, we've spent many, many weekends binge-watching all the TV shows we're behind on.
Which is exactly why we want to ensure that when we do roll off the couch and trade in our slippers for shoes with actual soles, it's for something truly worthwhile. Say, for example, a midnight screening of 10 Things I Hate About You at the Nuart. Or, how about an out-of-this-world yoga class that only takes place once a month, when there's a full moon? Well, we've got the details on those, plus many more events this November that are worth leaving your house for — at least, for an hour or two. So, open up your calendar and keep reading for everything you need to plan the best month ever in L.A.