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Selena Gomez Preps For Winter In L.A.

A big ol' cozy scarf is a fall necessity, not only for practical reasons, but also because it has the ability to bring a whole outfit together without requiring more than two seconds of thought or effort. For a lunch date in L.A., Selena Gomez stuck to the basics. She wore black rag & bone skimmers, a perfectly worn-in biker jacket, and understated Chanel loafers. Then she tossed on an oversized Forzieri shawl to complete the ensemble.
Although Gomez opted for all neutrals, she proved you don't always need a pop of color to make a statement. That is, unless you're counting that bright Country Time can. (Yep, bringing it way back there.)
So, when you wake up tomorrow morning and don't want to think twice about what to wear on a Saturday, just toss this getup on and go. Lemonade optional.